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Jan 9 handout - Behavioral Ecology of Insects Entomology...

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1/8/2012 1 Behavioral Ecology of Insects Entomology 104 Goals of the Class Understand the relationships between insect behavior and ecology Provide an evolutionary framework in which to study insect behavior Develop an understanding of fundamental models of behavioral ecology Appreciate how scientific methodology is applied to test hypotheses Know that applications of behavioral ecology can solve real-world problems Syllabus Grading : – 2 midterms: 30% each – Cumulative final exam: 30% – In-class quizzes (unannounced): 10% – Extra credit: up to 10 points added to each midterm exam grade by reading and summarizing one of the papers listed Reading : – Almost all required reading assignments are in the text, Krebs and Davies – Supplemental information is seldom required, but will be helpful in understanding topics in class available on website
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1/8/2012 2 More on Grading • In-class Assignments 10% • Tests 60% • Final Exam 30% • Total 100% In-class Assignments One question at the end of class – Last 10 minutes or so Topic is something covered that day You may cooperate with each other Multiple choice….may require thought,
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