hw1 - we did today. Make sure one variable is continuous,...

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1 PADP 8130 Spring 2012 Fertig UGA Homework 1 Due January 23, 2012 1. Go to UCLA Stata Starter Kit webpage: http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/stata/sk/modules_sk.htm Read through the following modules: Descriptive information and statistics Getting help Using “if” for subsetting with Stata commands Using and saving Stata data files Labeling data, variables and values Creating and recoding variables Subsetting variables and observations 2. Go to PSID data center: http://simba.isr.umich.edu/ Create a new dataset on your own with at least 5 variables different from the ones
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Unformatted text preview: we did today. Make sure one variable is continuous, one is binary, and is originally categorical (1=excellent, 2=very good, etc.). Pick variables you might be interested in using for your original research. Bring the data into Stata and recode the variables such that you can produce a descriptive table that looks something like this. Attach your stata code. (use your own variables) Mean Min Max # observations Family Income Head’s Age Head’s Marital Status Head is Female Head is High School Dropout Head is High School Graduate Head has Some College Head is College Graduate...
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