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1 PADP 8130 Spring 2012 Fertig UGA Homework 5 Due March 26, 2012 Use day2.dta for this assignment. Show all of your work. Hand in a printout of your Stata do file with your answers. 1. Estimate a linear probability model with fstamps as the dependent variable. The key independent variable is TANF receipt. The control variables should be agehd, femalehd, marriedhd, hisp, black, log(faminc), hsdropout, somecoll and collgrad.
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Unformatted text preview: Present the results in a table. 2. Conduct a test for multicollinearity. Interpret the results and take appropriate action. 3. Assess the data for outliers and write up a discussion about whether there are outliers or not, and if so, whether the outliers are problematic for this analysis. 4. Use multiple imputation to address any missing observation. Compare the results to those found in number 1....
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