Anarchy State and Utopia excerpts

Anarchy State and - Excerpts from Robert Nozick Anarchy State and Utopia “[W]hy may not one violate persons for the greater social good

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Unformatted text preview: Excerpts from Robert Nozick, Anarchy, State, and Utopia “[W]hy may not one violate persons for the greater social good? Individually, we each sometimes choose to undergo some pain or sacrifice for a greater benefit or to avoid a greater harm: we go to the dentist to avoid worse suffering later; we do some unpleasant work for its results; some persons diet to improve their health or looks; some save money to support themselves when they are older. In each case, some cost is borne for the sake of the greater overall good. Why not, similarly , hold that some persons have to bear some costs that benefit other persons more, for the sake of the overall social good? But there is no social entity with a good that undergoes some sacrifice for its own good. There are only individual people, with their own individual lives. Using one of these people for the benefit of others, uses him and benefits the others. Nothing more. Talk of an overall social good covers this up. (Intentionally?) To use a the others....
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