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Aristotle Response Paper Topics

Aristotle Response Paper Topics - purpose of a just city...

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Response Paper Topics: Aristotle Please choose ONE of the following topics and write a response paper of approximately 2 double-spaced pages in length. The paper will be graded on a “ +”, “ ”, “ –” basis. The grade you receive will be factored into your class participation grade for the semester. The purpose of the response paper is to help you work through and understand an intrinsically difficult text. What matters most in this endeavor is your effort. You can get a “ +” despite saying something with regard to Aristotle that is strictly speaking incorrect. The response paper is due by email ( [email protected] ) by 5pm on Friday, November 12 th . Late papers (including those emailed after 5pm on Friday) will be penalized. Question 1 “The truth is that we cannot include as citizens all who are necessary to the city’s existence.” (1277b33) Why does Aristotle think so? How does this claim fit with Aristotle’s understanding of the end or
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Unformatted text preview: purpose of a just city? Question 2 What are Aristotle’s views of democracy? How do they relate to his claims about inequality? Question 3 Explain the meaning and importance of ONE of the following statements: “The soul rules the body with the authority of a master: reason rules the appetite with the authority of a statesman or a monarch. In this sphere it is clearly natural and beneficial to the body that it should be ruled by the soul, and again it is natural and beneficial to the affective part of the soul that it should be ruled by the reason and the rational part; whereas the equality of the two elements, or their reverse relation, is always detrimental.” (1254b2) “it is true that those who do not share in positions of honour in the city are just like resident aliens.” (1278b34) “it is possible to be a good citizen without possessing the excellence by which one is a good man.” (1276b34)...
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