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Communitarians JUstice section

Communitarians JUstice section - just a rational self as...

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“Communitarians” encumbered selves (duty to country – home/hearth or sentiment)  “Equal right-ists” unencumbered selves  procedural republic “Political liberalism” overlapping consensus (353-6) – criticisms  more criticisms (366) In the case of bombing one’s own town There is the argument that it is going to be bombed anyway so if you are a  better bomber, then you might want to minimize casualties (calculating or  utilitarian) I do not think that it is moral to ask someone to bomb the own place that  they live because everyone has multiple duties to different parts of their  lives that define them and it is moral to do all that you can to not sacrifice a  part of someone o This means that I acknowledge that I am an encumbered self—not 
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Unformatted text preview: just a rational self as Kant seems to think, but someone whose place of birth/residence/family ties shapes my judgments concerning what is just (communitarian) There is not real, grave moral issue at stake (one can be moral and not take a side on this issue—this position may tend towards relativism). In the case of turning in the brother it is different from the bombing because you are the only one who can help the whole of the community – it is a sole duty in this case. So the questions need to be redefined. Antigone example. Think about the different ideas of goods. . The Cuban embargo example. Rawls overlapping consensus allows us to further our situation by bracketing out beliefs. Encumbered selves opposed to this view....
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