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Philosophical Argumentation Handout

Philosophical Argumentation Handout - Philosophical...

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Philosophical Argumentation Handout First of all, don't be discouraged about your first papers. Plato and Aristotle thought that there was a difference between “philosophical souls” and ordinary people. And they're completely wrong. Philosophical argumentation is actually just a very specific writing style, and anyone can do it. If these pointers don't make sense (or if they make sense intuitively, but you don't know how to implement them as you're writing your next paper), please come to my office hours and I'll be happy to help you. It's my duty. 1. There's a difference between applying the libertarian (or utilitarian, Lockean, etc.) framework and actually justifying the application of this framework. Examples: Libertarians would argue that the government cannot fine people for failing to pick up their dogs' bowel movements. This is because libertarians believe in freedom as a fundamental principle. The government cannot interfere with peoples' liberty, and it cannot force people to pick up their dogs' excrement.
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