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Section notes Locke

Section notes Locke - -Some people don’t even understand...

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Section: -Labor theory of value: it’s mine if I mix my labor with it; restrictions are well enough, and as good. -All of this relies on a sort of self-ownership + God has property in me = using myself reasonably -This doesn’t disagree with Locke. -Each one of us is free and equal in the state of nature – Ch. 2, Par 4 -But there are limitations on the self and your exercises of liberty – you cannot enslave yourself, and you cannot kill yourself. -Limitations in government -Locke: It’s okay to inherit property, but it’s also just as okay to lose your property to somebody who labors to gain it. -waging a war against nature vs. waging a war against another; if you violate any natural laws, you are fit to have any punitive punishment set against you. -Why do we leave the state of nature? -Perfect freedom and equality in it – why leave? -Civil Society – what rights?
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Unformatted text preview: -Some people don’t even understand that they have unalienable rights – a state of nature would be a “constant war” if you look at Hobbes perspective-might makes right is antithetical to the labor theory of value -if a person is an existential threat to you in the state of nature, you have a right to protect yourself/act. -**Par 87: want to leave the state of nature, want to institute a limited, legitimate government by consent; the government is legitimate if it protects your life, liberty and property. -What kind of laws can this government make? -Consenting to give up the ability to judge/evaluate our rights on our own – we have the government to protect our rights. -Locke thinks all right of private judgment is given up with a limited government – you give up your right to decide what private property is....
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