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Unformatted text preview: REPRODUCTION II OUTLINE: •  Female reproducJve physiology •  FerJlizaJon Chapter 17 Prof. Peter Ellison, office hours M 2 ­3 or by appt. Ovaries and testes have many features of anatomy and physiology in common: •  CooperaJon between cells inside and outside a basement membrane •  Outer cells respond to LH, produce testosterone (Leydig cells in males, Theca cells in females) •  Inner cells respond to FSH, nurture gametes, secrete inhibin (Sertoli cells in males, Granulosa cells in females) •  Once established, gamete maturaJon can proceed on steroid support without FSH T INHIBIN T LH LH FSH FSH LH LH T INHIBIN T T INHIBIN LH E2 FSH LH T INHIBIN Primordial follicles Primary follicle Secondary follicle TerJary, or Graafian follicle Corpus luteum AWer ovulaJon, the basement membrane is disrupted, the theca and granulosa cells become intrmingled and in contact with an arterial blood supply. They start to produce progesterone in massive quanJJes, maintaining the endometrial lining of the uterus in a secretory state. Corpus albicans SELECTION OF THE DOMINANT FOLLICLE FSH Granulosa cell proliferaJon Granulosa cell proliferaJon Estradiol producJon Inhibin producJon Estradiol producJon Follicle growth Oöcyte maturaJon Inhibin producJon FSH suppression SELECTION OF THE DOMINANT FOLLICLE First follicle to reach cri=cal size . . . •  produces enough E2 to support own growth •  produces enough inhibin to suppress FSH •  thereby inhibits further growth of smaller follicles PROSTAGLANDINS RU486 blocks progesterone receptors s=mulate smooth muscle contrac=ons endometrium myometrium Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Phew! The challenges for the hopeful sperm:! 1. Physical barriers! 3. Chemical barriers! 3.!Immunological barriers! Here we go again . . . ...
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