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Michael Knutson (11040656) Lindsey 27 April 2010 Business Law 210 Section 10 Hollis v. Joseph Background: The defendant, Tasha Joseph was the founder and operator of a company, Cavelle, that hosted a website, dontdatehimgirl.com as well as a resident of the state of Florida. The website sold merchandise, such as clothing, but mostly earned revenue through advertising. Several items of clothing had been sold including some to residents of Pennsylvania, but had nothing to do with the defamation of Todd Hollis. Several false posts about the plaintiff, Todd Hollis, were made on the website, including claims that he has STD’s, illegitimate children, and was gay or bisexual. These claims had apparently been seen by people in Hollis’ Pennsylvania
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Unformatted text preview: community, and had severely ruined his reputation. Hollis sued Joseph and her company, in a Pennsylvania court, for defamation. Joseph filed a motion to dismiss, claiming that there was no personal jurisdiction. The Pennsylvania court granted Hollis’ request to which Hollis appealed. Issue: Does the Pennsylvania Court have in personam jurisdiction over Hollis, a resident of Florida. Holding: No Reasoning: One must be either living in the state or have “continuous and systematic contacts with the state” for personal jurisdiction to apply. Since the website was not continually engaging in business or marketing directly to the state of Pennsylvania, in personam jurisdiction does not apply....
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