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Unformatted text preview: Michael Knutson (11040656) Lindsey 27 April 2010 Business Law 210 Section 10 Kyllo v. United States Background: Danny Kyllo grew marijuana in his triplex home using heat lamps, as many marijuana growers do. Some sort of government agents used thermal imaging to scope the triplex and look for unusual differences in heat. They found that his section of the triplex, especially the garage, were a good deal warmer than the other two sections. A judge granted officials a warrant to search his house and he was arrested on federal drug charges. Kyllo tried to suppress the evid- ence, claiming that the thermal search of his home was unconstitutional under the 4th amend- ment. The Ninth Circuit Appellate Court ruled that his lack of expectation of privacy, in not at- tempting to conceal the heat escaping his home, was consistent with Katz v. United States which stated that, “a search does not occur--even when its object is a house explicitly protected by the Fourth Amendment--unless the individual manifested a subjective expectation of privacy in the...
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