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Case Brief 2.1 - Michael Knutson Lindsey 25 January 2010 B...

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Michael Knutson Lindsey 25 January 2010 B Law 210 Case Brief 2.1: Mastondrea v. Occidental Hotels Management S.A. Facts: Allegro Resorts Management Corporation (ARMC) is a marketing agency and also part of Occidental Hotels Management (a hotel chain corporation) that owns the Royal Hidaway Play- acar resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Liberty Travel is a chain of travel agencies in the eastern United States that is owned and operated by Libgo Travel Inc. The Royal Hidaway Playacar had “Tour Operator Agreements” with Libgo Travel Inc. in which the hotel will “sell” a specific number of rooms to Libgo who is then authorizes, as tour operator, to book those rooms and give a weekly sales report. Libgo and ARMC placed an add, together, in the Newark Star Ledger, a newspaper in Newark New Jersey. Amanda Mastondrea saw the ad and, in response, purchased one of the packages through Liberty Travel. During the course of her vacation in Mexico, Mas- tondrea slipped and fell on a wet staircase, breaking her ankle. She sued the hotel, it’s owners,
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