Test 1 Study Guide - HBM 280 Study Guide Test 1 The actions...

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HBM 280 Study Guide Test 1 The actions that enable one to be hospitable Hospitality The feeling and the emotion of the experience Tips for Handling Disgruntled Guests Show you care . Thank the customer for letting you know about the problem. Once upset, people know you care, their mood often improves Offer a sincere apology . Don’t get defensive or make excuses. The guest doesn’t care about why it happened. They just want to know you’re going to fix it after they’re heard you’re sorry Tell them you are going to fix the problem the best you can . If it’s food related, fast track another meal. If it’s service related, do what you can to get them taken care of NOW Offer them something for their trouble . Depending on the situation, offer the guest something for the unpleasant experience. A couple free deserts may be all that’s needed. Get them back in your restaurant . Let them know that you can do a better job and offer a discounted or complimentary meal when they return. This is not about the cost of a free meal, this is about turning a disappointed diner into a satisfied, re- peat customer who may be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars, in future business History of Food Service Careme Grand Cuisine Put food service on the map Catered to Royalty and Extremely Rich Escoffier Simplified the classic menu and initiated the brigade system Industrial Revolution Counter Service Coin operating vending Cafeteria Fast Food Types of Menus Static Doesn’t change Ex: McDonald’s Cycle Ex: Day camps, Cafeterias Market Menu cycles seasonally Hybrid
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Types of Service Table Service French Most elaborate and labor intensive
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Test 1 Study Guide - HBM 280 Study Guide Test 1 The actions...

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