11 notes - -Polythetic definition something is straddling...

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September 6, 2011 JS211-LEC Notes What date the mishna was edited? What date the second temple was destroyed? ****Define Judaism on final**** Studying “Religion” and Defining “Judaism” What is “religion”?  Presumption: religion is a human creation  Not an assumption about the absolute truth of this presumption Problems with religion include beliefs (what is right or wrong, who defines or  creates them), “meaning” in ritual (everyone has a different interpretation of  certain traditions and events <meaning of thanksgiving can be football, or  being thankful, or being with family>) First Order vs. Second Order definitions (don’t use “we”, FO: Jews celebrate  this holiday because. .., SO: They celebrate this holiday because. ..) What is “Judaism”? - am yisrael: biological notion of extended family - Normative claims (us vs. them) - “Family of Traditions”
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Unformatted text preview: -Polythetic definition: something is straddling two categories and unsure where to put it, “this is a set of overlapping characteristics” but having enough of a certain characteristic from a certain menu allows you to be in that category-Judaism itself has no history, no “Judaism believes. ..” statements. ..only specific Jews in specific times/places • Essentialism -“Adam Sandler Problem”: some are converts, some are half, some are fully Jewish • Three Maps-Self-identification-Textual Traditions: Canonical: Facebook is a must but Myspace or Friendster are no longer necessary because society decided on it/Conversation-Religious Practice: decide to light Hanukkah candles, somehow identify with that community, association of practice Looking ahead. ..- case study on U.S. Judaism and Israeli Judaism...
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11 notes - -Polythetic definition something is straddling...

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