JS211-Essentialism vs. Normativity

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Ali Lansing September 27, 2011 Section #301 Kevin Mattison Normativity vs. Essentialism The term normativity is most easily described as statements about a group that is too narrow and tells the group what to follow. Normativity attempts to inflict a standard upon the group but cannot do so because of its limited standpoints. For example in Exodus 23:17: Three times a year all your males shall appear before the Sovereign, the LORD. (Exodus 23:17) This is normativity because it sets a requirement or rule for the group to follow. It is a narrow guideline that is given to the group because it states a very specific command. Essentialism is on the other end of the spectrum and can be defined as too broad. It oversimplifies a group because its statements are too expansive and therefore cannot cover, in
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Unformatted text preview: truth, the group as a whole. For example, Henry Ford once said, Jews are not sportsman. Whether this is due to their physical lethargy, their dislike of unnecessary political action, or their serious cast of mind. ..others may decide. It may be a defect in their character, or it may not; it is nevertheless a fact which discriminating Jews unhesitatingly acknowledge. (Henry Ford, quoted in Jane Leavy, pg. 178) This demonstrates essentialism because it is saying that Jews can’t don’t play sports and are not athletes. It is a very general and broad statement because it does not specify the exact rules or statements that the group will follow, and it is also untrue as Sandy Koufax proved during his career as a Major League Baseball player....
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