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Unformatted text preview: UNDERWOOD MASTER SYLLABUS MKTG 345 - PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Professor: Dr. Jim Underwood Office: Moody Annex 303 Office Hours: See the assignment schedule. Phone: 482-6347 Email [email protected] REQUIRED TEXTS: (1) MKTG, Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, Thompson-Southwestern, ISBN 0-324-5814-1 (2) Marketplace Game license and material OPTIONAL TEXT: STUDY GUIDE COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides an introduction to the vocabulary, theories, and practices of the business functional area of marketing to include segmentation, target marketing and positioning. It emphasizes developing and implementing marketing strategies and deciding appropriate product distribution, price, and promotion strategies for identified target markets. MOODLE: Moodle is the official communication medium for this class. It is your responsibility to check Moodle on a daily basis for important announcements and other information about this class. You should also check your email daily to ensure you do not miss important messages. We do this in the adult world of business so get in the habit. If you tell me you missed a message because you did not check your email that dog won’t hunt. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this course are for you to: 1. Learn and apply marketing terms and vocabulary. 2. Learn and explain the role of marketing in an organization, the philosophy of the marketing concept, the marketing mix, and how ethical and domestic and global environmental factors affect marketing decisions. 3. Learn and explain how marketing theories and principles apply to non-profit organizations such as government organizations, churches, universities, and so forth. 4. Learn and explain how marketers use forecasting, consumer behavior theories and marketing research to analyze consumer and business market opportunities. 5. Define and explain market segmentation, and target-market-, positioning-, and competitive strategies for market opportunities. 6. Learn and describe basic concepts of product management and strategy and the product life cycle theory. 7. Describe and explain distribution strategies, including retailing and wholesaling firms and practices, and logistics/physical distribution management practices and strategy. 8. Describe and explain contemporary promotion strategy and practice, including communication, advertising, personal selling, sales management, and sales promotion....
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2012 for the course MKTG 345 taught by Professor Underwood during the Spring '10 term at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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