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100 Instructor: E. R. DesOrmeaux, P.E. Total CIVE 335 Exam # 3 Part Tuesday, November 25, 2008 25 25 20 15 Part 1 15 Part 1 15 Minutes Part II Problems 60 Minutes Instructions: 1 2 3 Part I of the Exam is "closed book". 4 5 6 7 8 Name (Last, First) Exam # 3 Page 4 Part II Page 3 Part II Page 2 Part 2 Page 1 Part II Problems requiring mathematical solutions MUST have ALL calculations and Units for full credit. Partial or no credit may result for problems missing pertinent information, including negative signs. Use only the Exam paper furnished. If additional room is needed for working problems, please do so on the back of the appropriate page. Students may use the textbook, and the Calculator furnished by the Instructor, a pencil, and a straightedge (ruler) for Part II of the Exam. All other materials must be "stored". To ask a question during the Exam, please raise your hand to be acknowledged. The Instructor will then request that you come to the front of the class. DO NOT ask a question from your seat. After Exams are graded, they will be returned to students during a subsequent class for a 10 minute review, then returned to the Instructor. For future reference, an Answer Document for the Exam will be furnished to students via e-mail within 1 week after the Exam. Please PRINT your Name on each page. LAST Name, then first Name
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CIVE 335 Exam # 3 11/25/08 ANSWER DOCUMENT Part I Name (Last, First) = Fifteen (15) Minute Time Limit T F 1 Hooke's Law states that strain is proportional to the stress placed on an ob 1 2 The Moment of Inertia of open or hollow shapes can sometimes be computed by a method of subtraction 1 3 It is unnecessary to locate the centroidal axis of an object in order to find the Moment of Inertia 1
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Exam___3_11-25-08_Answer_Document_ - Name(Last First...

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