Wood - 1/26/2009 WOOD Basic and Fundamental Wood Properties...

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1/26/2009 1 WOOD Basic and Fundamental Wood Properties and Design Considerations E. Raymond DesOrmeaux E. Raymond DesOrmeaux PE, F. ASCE PE, 1 WOOD Why Wood? h Commonly used h Ordinarily plentiful h h Some Limitations h Fire protection should be addressed h Usually the loads are transmitted in one direction h Height h Bracing h Can be moisture sensitive 2 WOOD Solid Wood Beams h Size is limited h Availability in beams with large x-section is very limited h Lumber species are limited h Select grades are limited h When longer spans are required, Glu-lam is an alternate h Larger members are difficult to locate, and as the size increases, the cost disproportionately increases h Either laminated decking (plywood) or solid decking used to span between the members 3
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1/26/2009 2 WOOD JOISTS JOISTS h Usually light-weight h Spaced closely – commonly 12”, 16”, and 24” on center h Limited Span Length – 20’ max. (can increase to 25’ +) h (twisting or lateral movement) h Usually top chord has a decking – plywood, various types of particle board, or sheathing. h The decking braces the top chord. h The bottom chord must have bracing (commonly called bridging) which prevents the twisting or lateral displacement. 4 I JOISTS h h The Chords are separated by a plywood web h Commonly used in residential, and some light commercial buildings Advantages: h Efficient, similar to a steel wide flange member h Has excellent strength, usually better than a solid wood joist, such as a 2 x 12 h Fabricated to required size 5
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Wood - 1/26/2009 WOOD Basic and Fundamental Wood Properties...

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