ACCT2542 - Strong human spirits are essential for...

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Strong human spirits are essential for belonging. Discuss with reference to your two prescribed texts one related text of your own choosing. Strong human spirits meaning personality, individuality, determination and perseverance are essential for or an important part of belonging to oneself, one’s relationships and the larger world. Belonging refers to sharing, understanding, acceptance, tolerance and feeling comfortable with oneself. One’s sense of belonging is explored in Educating Rita , Billy Elliot and through a variety of structures, styles and techniques. In W. Russell’s play, Rita is a hairdresser from working class background, who feels “slightly out of step” and wants to find “meself”. Russell uses a variety of language techniques to create a comic view of how Rita’s sense of belonging with herself, her relationship and the larger world is influence by her spirits. One’s language suggests some part of one’s personality. Rita’s language is informal. Her slang expression, such as “meself”, “dead narked” makes her not belong to the proper students in contrast with Frank’s formal use of “one”. Moreover, although Rita has low self-esteem in terms of her education, she is confident in life. She tells Frank
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ACCT2542 - Strong human spirits are essential for...

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