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econ201 - 14 Asymmetric Information General description...

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14 Asymmetric Information General description: Some agents in the market possess private infor- mation that is unobserved by the rest. Leads (often) to the failure of competitive market models (Walrasian equilibrium). Solution concept is Bayesian-Nash equilibruim: each type of each agent plays a best response against se- lected strategies of all the others. Example: Take-it-or-leave-it o ff ers.
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Important economic applications: Markets for lemons Signaling Adverse selection Moral hazard Auctions cover the whole di ff erent (?) sub- class of problems. Ex1: IPV environment vs Akerlof lemons model. Ex2: Procurement auctions vs Signaling. 14.1 Lemons market Owner of the car (Seller) knows better informa- tion about the car – quality q [0 , Q ] – seller’s value. Buyer values any given car higher (if knew the quality) – V = 3 2 q . Suppose some seller can sell a car at p . Would do that if q p .
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