502Syllabus - STAT 502 Experimental Statistics II Purpose...

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STAT 502 Experimental Statistics II Purpose: This course will cover various topics in multiple regression analysis, analysis of variance, and experimental design. Prerequisite: Stat 502 assumes a background in basic data analysis and statistical inference: at least the equivalent of Stat 501. My take: I think most of the concepts and procedures in Stat 502 are not too difficult, but some of them are certainly challenging and will take time to fully learn and understand them well. Many of you will find the basic concepts somewhat easy to understand but have a very difficult time when you sit down to actually produce the required work, be it homework calculations and/or SAS output. My suggestion is to stick with it and start your homeworks early! The nature of STAT 502 requires that you understand material well to build upon for later topics, it literally is like constructing a house and at anytime if you fall behind you will find the material very foreign if understandable at all so keep up! Regarding SAS, if you feel you shouldn’t be required to learn SAS in STAT 502, the individuals that need to hear this are NOT in the STAT department. They are those that are responsible for determining that you take STAT 502 (IE Who told you to take 502?). Some departments offer alternate courses, as far as the STAT department is concerned 502 will be taught using SAS (See Computing below). Instructor: Tadd Colver Office: MATH 507 Phone: 765-494-0030 Email: [email protected] Office hours: TBA or by appointment—if for any reason you need to see me outside regular office hours, please email me and I’ll try to accommodate you Text: Kleinbaum, David G. et. al. Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariate Methods, 4th edition. Duxbury Press, 2008. (ISBN 0-495-38496-8) You are encouraged to review material from the book prior to our discussing it in class. I don’t expect you to teach yourself the material but in almost all cases, you will understand my lectures much better having seen the material beforehand. Attendance: Although class attendance is never mandatory, you are required to complete all course assignments on time regardless of absence, as all late work will be given zero credit. This is especially true for exams, you MUST ATTEND all scheduled exams , including the final exam, at the scheduled time. If your schedule will not permit that during this semester then I suggest you take the course during a different semester. As you get to know my teaching style, you will find that I teach highly conceptually, and therefore class attendance, and participation in class, is strongly encouraged. In class, feel free to come and go as needed but do not interrupt the flow of the lecture or you will politely be asked to leave.
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Communication: I expect the same communication you expect from me. If I were to change an assignment, I would think you would want to know about the change BEFORE the due date. Well then
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502Syllabus - STAT 502 Experimental Statistics II Purpose...

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