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CLG Topic 08 ANS

CLG Topic 08 ANS - Topic 8 Handout One Way Analysis of...

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Topic 8 Handout: One Way Analysis of Variance - SOLUTIONS Learning Goals for this Activity: (1) Learn the relationships in the ANOVA table and understand the associated F test; (2) Understand how to get estimates for cell means model (using the output from SAS); (3) Understand how to get estimates for the factor effects model (using the output from SAS). 8.1 A study is focused on the effect of three different drugs on a certain type of cancer cell. Forty five patients were divided into equal groups and each group was assigned one of the three drugs. The percentage reduction of a cancerous tumor after one month was taken to be the response variable. A fourth group of 15 who did not wish to try an experimental drug were kept on standard treatments and measured for the purpose of an experimental control. A partially completed ANOVA table for this study is found below. Complete this table and conduct the model F test – stating your results in the context of the problem. Then think about what else needs to be done in analysis. SOURCE DF SS MS F P-value DRUG 3 2400 800 26.67 <0.001 ERROR 56 1680 30 TOTAL 59 4080 The F statistic above tests the null hypothesis that all means are the same. We reject that hypothesis in favor of the alternative – at least two of the means are different. What else needs to be done? We need to figure out where the differences are.
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