Homework4Key - Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 4 KEY 1 Homework 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 4 KEY 1 Homework 4 (10 pts.) due Feb. 10 A reminder Please do not hand in any unlabeled or unedited SAS output. Include in your write-up only those results that are necessary to present a complete solution (what you want the grader to grade). In particular, questions must be answered in order (including graphs), and all graphs must be fully labeled (main title should include the question number, and all axes should be labeled). Dont forget to put all necessary information (see course policies) on the first page. Include the SAS input for all questions at the very end of your homework; this could be important even though it wont be graded. You will often be asked to continue problems on successive homework assignments so save all your SAS code. 1. (4 pts.) This is a continuation of the plastic hardness, Question 1 on HW 2. The context is described in problem 1.22 on p. 36 with the data set of (CH01PR22.DAT). You can use the results from HW2 and do all of the calculations by hand, or determine the answer for part a) directly from the SAS code. SAS Code: data HW4P1; infile 'I:\My Documents\Stat 512\CH01PR22.DAT' ; input hardness time; run ; proc reg data =HW4P1; model hardness=time/ clb alpha = 0.10 ; run ; quit ; (a) Calculate and interpret the 90% confidence intervals for and 1 . Note: these are the separate confidence intervals. From SAS: Number of Observations Used 16 Analysis of Variance Sum of Mean Source DF Squares Square F Value Pr > F Model 1 5297.51250 5297.51250 506.51 <.0001 Error 14 146.42500 10.45893 Parameter Estimates Parameter Standard Variable DF Estimate Error t Value Pr > |t| 90% Confidence Limits Intercept 1 168.60000 2.65702 63.45 <.0001 163.92016 173.27984 time 1 2.03438 0.09039 22.51 22....
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Homework4Key - Spring 2012 STAT 512 HW 4 KEY 1 Homework 4...

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