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stat512prob6 - Statistics 512 Problem Set No 6 Due For the...

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Statistics 512: Problem Set No. 6 Due October 23, 2009 For the following 3 problems use the computer science data that we have been dis- cussing in class. You can get a copy of the data set csdata.dat from the class website. The variables are: id , a numerical identifier for each student; GPA , the grade point average after three semesters; HSM ; HSS ; HSE ; SATM ; SATV , which were all explained in class; and GENDER , coded as 1 for men and 2 for women. 1. In a data step, create a new variable GENDERW that has values 1 for women and 0 for men (use arithmetic on the original variable GENDER ). Run a regression to predict GPA using the explanatory variables HSM , HSS , HSE , SATM , SATV , and GENDERW . (Do not include any interaction terms.) (a) Give the equation of the fitted regression line using all six explanatory variables. (b) Give the fitted regression line for women (use part a). (c) Give the fitted regression line for men (use part a). DO NOT attempt to run proc reg on a subset of the data to answer this question.
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