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Statistics 512: Problem Set No. 11 Due December 4, 2009 For the the next two problems use the Coil winding data of Problem 25.9 ( CH24PR09.DAT ) in the text. 1. Analyze this data using the random effects model. Test the null hypothesis that the mean coil winding characteristic is the same in all machines (i.e. test whether σ 2 μ = 0) . Interpret the results of your analysis. 2. Give a point estimate of the intraclass correlation coefficient σ 2 μ σ 2 μ + σ 2 . For the remaining problems, use the imitation pearls data of Problem 25.17 (
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Unformatted text preview: ch25pr17.dat ) in the text. 3. Test the main effects and interaction. State the null and alternative hypotheses, the test statistic, and the p-value, along with the conclusions. 4. Using a Bonferroni correction, compare the levels of number of coats and report which levels are significantly different. 5. Report a confidence interval for the variance component of batch. How does the size of this variance component compare to σ 2 ? 1...
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