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Unformatted text preview: CS573: Homework 2 Solution Compiled from submissions of Balamurugan Anandan, David Haye Wahbeh Qardaji, John Ross Wallrabenstein, Jin Yu 1 Identifying Hypotheses (15 pts) 1. Identify five potentially controversial hypotheses, claims, or conjectures in news ar- ticles that can be analyzed with data. See some examples claims below. Summarize the articles and the claims. Sample solution (a) Study Reveals Why Women Apologize So Much. The article details the findings of two studies, both conducted exclusively on college students who ranged in age from 18 to 44. The first study found that both men and women apologize about 81% of the time when they feel that have done something wrong that might warrant an apology. However, the second study found that men are less likely to deem a certain action (such as calling a friend late at night and causing them to perform poorly at an interview the next day) as warranting an apology, and therefore apologize often than women. (b) Diesel vs. Gas: Fuel Economy vs. Emissions. The article claims that while diesel fuel has higher greenhouse gas emissions, it has a higher fuel economy that compensates for this increase in greenhouse gas. The article states that diesel engines get 20% to 40% better fuel economy and produce 15% more greenhouse gases. No indication of the scope of these claims was explicitly made. (c) Obese higher-status women might suffer from a particular income disadvantage in their jobs. The authors studied the connection between weight and individ- ual income among gainfully employed Finnish women and men at different levels of socioeconomic status. They used a population-based survey including 2068 women and 2314 men with linked income data from a taxation register. Regres- sion analysis was used to calculate mean income levels within educational and occupational groups. The study revealed a clear income disadvantage among obese women in higher socioeconomic status groups, whereas a similar wage- depressant association with obesity was not found among women in lower so- cioeconomic groups. It also showed that excess body weight was not associated with income disadvantages in men. (d) Alcohol consumption may protect against risk of Alzheimers disease(AD), par- ticularly in female nonsmokers. A new study suggests that the consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of Alzheimers disease. It suggests the tobacco con- sumption does not affect disease but there is a considerable effect in alcohol consumers. Moreover, the effect was more in nonsmokers and hence it raises an interesting question of interactions between tobacco and alcohol. 1 (e) A study published Monday drew on a host of metrics to conclude something we all already knew: The media covers Apple more than any other company. The study analyzed the percent of technology related news headlines where Apple Inc. was the primary subject. The results show that Apple Inc. accounts for 15.1 percent of the coverage, with Google a close second at 11.4 percent. Microsoftpercent of the coverage, with Google a close second at 11....
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homework2sol - CS573: Homework 2 Solution Compiled from...

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