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Your “Four Worlds” of information First World: All the information that exists, everything that god knows Second World: Everything that’s in range of your perception in your lifetime, everything you could possibly receive Third World: Everything you actually perceive Forth World: Your reality, your understanding of everything in your head History: A causal chronology, a story too Theory: A set of explainations, we make theories if we don’t know the answer Communication is the act of sending messages, ideas and opinion from one person to another Communication is something that takes place when a person constructs meaning from words, pictures, objects, or actions that have symbolic value for him or her. Mass Communication: mass producing of product
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Unformatted text preview: Communication Media: Not always mass communication but more relevant for today Enabling Technology: For every mass medium there is a enabling technology Information society- changes in technology drive changes in society Societies can be defined by their dominant economic activity. 4000 BC- Mode of employement is agriculture 1712- Employement is manufacturing 1960- Employment is information creation and processing Information Society is enabled by the combined characteristics of media and information technologies. Technological Determinism The idea that technology impacts everything else in society Media are based on technology Media determines shape of direct culture In this view, it is form, not content that matters Marsha Critiques...
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