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Third Test Study Guide - Chapter 9 Digital Media •...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9: Digital Media • Internet wasn’t expected to be the future • Digital media are compatible- meaning they can share info with each other • Digital media is connected to old media • Convergence- the process by which the various media intersect • Negroponte said converges will become greater and greater • Tim Berners-Lee developed internet and the first browser. Named internet World Wide Web • Mark Andreessen invented Mosaic, Internet Explorer and Firefox copied • Berners-Lee’s and Andreessen’s browsers were public domain, could be used for free • Old media will not die, it will evolve • Saffo made 30 year rule that it takes 30 years for a new technology to be adopted by a culture o 3 stages • Internet is popular because it’s convenient and quick • Digital divide- the lack of access to digital technology that poor people have • ISP is the highest portion of income made from the internet • Internet promotes commerce (eBay Amazon), accept advertizing (search marketing [google ads]), and has money made through subscriptions • National Information Infrastructure started controlling internet in 1994 • Telecommunications act of 1996 tried to control the internet through Communications Decency Act (CDA). In 1997 the Supreme Court said the government can’t regulate the internet • The main reason for the government to be involved in the internet is to protect intellectual property rights (copyrights) • 1998 Congress passed DMCA made it illegal to share copyrighted materials online • Darknets are file-sharing services that restricts membership to keep its online activities...
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Third Test Study Guide - Chapter 9 Digital Media •...

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