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Religion Mid Term - Religion Mid-Term I Creation...

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Religion Mid-Term I. Creation: Etiological account- attempt to explain something with metaphysics, not science. Probably 3 authors A. First account is completely choreographed. By command of a removed devine CEO 1. God is called Elohim 2. No tension, everything’s harmonious 3. 1) Light, 2) sea and heaven, 3) dry land, 4) luminaries, 5) sea creatures and birds, 6) land animals and humans B. Second account everything takes place more or less at once. Hands on involvement of God 1. Tension is established when man is told not to eat the fruit of one of the trees 2. Male first then female II. Noah A. God promises a covenant with Noah that from this new fertile land he will grow an equally fertile linieage. 1. Humankind must follow certain rules to maintain the covenant 2.a. Must not eat meat with blood still in it. 2.b. Anyone who murders a human must also be killed 2. Ham “sees” his father drunk and naked and tells his brothers a. Upon waking, Noah curses Ham’s decendants, the Canaanite, declaring they will serve Ham’s brother’s decendants III. Abraham (Father of Many): 9 th generation of Shem A. God makes a covenant with Abraham if he will move with his wife, Sarai and nephew, Lot, to Canaan. Abraham erects lots of altars. 1. The Covenant- a. Abraham to move b. After Ishmael is born God says Abraham’s descendants must be circumcised 2. Progeny- Doesn’t happen at first but then they have kids a. Sarai send Hagar to have Abram’s child, Ishmael. Later Sarah gets Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away b. Abram was renamed Abraham and promised a son named Isaac 3. Land- Doesn’t happen in Abraham’s lifetime 4. Blessing- Abraham becomes wealthy fast B. The three men that deliver the news to Sarah were then going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah but Abraham got God to not destroy is if only a handful of good men are there 1. Lot welcomes the men into his house. Men surround the house hoping to rape the messengers 2. Lot persuades Lot and his family to flee the city and the family is told not to look back but Lot’s wife looked back and was turned to a pillar of salt. C. Abraham’s servant finds Rebekah and Isaac marries her IV. Jacob and Esau :God tells Rebekah that she will have two sons who will represent two nations, one stronger A. Esau trades his inheritance rights for a bowl of soup. B. One day when Isaac is old and blind he instructs Esau to prepare him a meal so that he can bless Esau. Rebekah helps Jacob disguise himself as Esau and steal the blessing.
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C. Jacob flees to his uncle, Laban’s, house. While on the way God promises the same covenant to Jacob as he promised to Abraham and Isaac via dream D. Jacob works for 7 years to marry Rachel but he’s deceived into marrying Leah, he then works another 7 years to marry Rachel. Jacob has 11 sons and a daughter E. After 20 years Jacob returns to Canaan. He restles with God on the way and demands a blessing so God renames his Israel (he struggles with God). F.
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Religion Mid Term - Religion Mid-Term I Creation...

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