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REL 1310 Mid-Term Study Guide N.B.: is is NOT a comprehensive list Individuals Groups Events/Misc. Abram/Abraham Babylonians 587 BCE Adam Egyptians 722 BCE Benjamin Israel Apodictic Law Cyrus Judah Asherah David Minor Prophets Baal Elijah Northern Kingdom Casuistic Law Elisha Patriarchs Covenant Esther Persians Creation Eve Philistines Divided Monarchy/Kingdom Hezekiah Priests Etiological Hosea
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Unformatted text preview: Prophets Exile Isaac Southern Kingdom Exodus Isaiah Pentateuch Jacob/Israel Prophetic Books Jeroboam Return Joseph eodicy Josiah Types of Text Criticism Judah United Monarchy/Kingdom Leah Wisdom Literature Levi Lot Miriam Moses Nebuchadnezzar Noah Rachel Rahab Rebecca Rehoboam Ruth Samson Samuel Sarai/Sarah Solomon...
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