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Lecture 3 Add on the Squirrel

Lecture 3 Add on the Squirrel - Advantage/Disadvantage...

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Lecture #3 (add-on) Did God Kill the Squirrel or Is the Squirrel on Its Own? Definition of God’s Sovereignty: Definition of Causality: Difference of these two, significant to our discussions: I. Complete/Divine Causality: Advantage/Disadvantage: Confidence Genuine Human Freedom? Responsibility? II. Divine/Open Causality:
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Unformatted text preview: Advantage/Disadvantage: Uncertainty Genuine Human Freedom? Responsibility? Why do events, good or bad, evil or moral, happen the way they do? (1) Divine Causality (2) Human Initiative (3) Historical Accident? What specific events can you think of which these questions apply to (besides the squirrel)?...
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