Lecture 5 Transition between Early Christianity and Medieval Christianity

Lecture 5 Transition between Early Christianity and Medieval Christianity

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Lecture #5 Christianity become Institutionalized across the Empire The Issue of Leadership Priest bishop archbishop (later) cardinal (later) Pope Magisterium EVERY CHURCH = had either a priest or a bishop; often called “papa” = pope (informal) By AD 700 Pope = bishop of the St. Peter’s church at Rome Greater among equals at the Councils Notice his developing role in your Mullen readings “Clergy” and “Laity” Hierarchical model of Leadership The Issue of Scripture “canon” “Canon” = those writings accepted by the church hierarchy at authentic and
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Unformatted text preview: containing Truth Old Testament Canon had been set early in the first century (at least in two forms Alexandrian Canon Palestinian Canon Apocrypha Septuagint 70 Greek version of the Hebrew Old Testament (Alexandrian) Athanasiuss Easter letter of 368 = New Testament writings as we have them The Issue of Orthodoxy/Heresy The Councils????? The Pope ????? The Convincing Theologians (such as Augustine)...
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