Quiz #7 Luther Video Clips _1 and _2 Video Project

Quiz #7 Luther Video Clips _1 and _2 Video Project - Luther...

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Luther Video Clip Project Setting of video clips #1 and #2 about Martin Luther The film from which these clips are taken is titled “Martin Luther” and is a fairly good representation of the spiritual and emotional trauma that Luther went through as a Roman Catholic priest concerned with the abuses he found within his own Catholic tradition. I commend these clips to you as having basic historical accuracy and integrity. Clips #1 and #2 will be used as Semester Quiz #7. See specific instructions for quiz at end of this document. Clip #1: Luther in Rome/Purchasing an Indulgence at the Steps of St. Peter’s Basilica This clip portrays young Luther’s trip to Rome, a city which he had heard of all of his life and which he had envisioned as a “holy” city—the “city of God” since it was here that the Pope and much of the history of his Catholic faith was centered. You can sense Luther’s feeling of awe in the first few seconds of the clip as he rounds the corner in line with other pilgrims and comes to his first vision of Rome in the distance. Rome, the Holy City; the home of the Pope; the greatest city of Western Christendom. Luther then is shown: walking the dirty streets of Rome being accosted by those selling bogus relics of Christian history being propositioned by street prostitutes actually observing a fellow priest negotiating a hookup with a prostitute and then entering a church to see its “relic”—the skull of a supposed saint, considered to have special powers or blessings, as did all “relics” for those who would make a pilgrimage to see such physical icons (which typically were fake but the visitors had no way of knowing that). In the scene where he sees the saint’s skull, Luther is still genuine and undoubting in his belief that he is doing a good thing, seeking out a famous “relic”. He still trusts his Church. He is so genuine that he wants to spend an extra minute worshipping at the relic display case, only to be prodded to “move along” by the relic
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Quiz #7 Luther Video Clips _1 and _2 Video Project - Luther...

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