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Brian Pennington TR 11:00 (You gave me permission to turn these in late, thanks )Take-home Quiz #6 Reading notes: You will need to read the entire Chapter 8 to get the context of what follows. However, the questions below actually begin on page 99 with the sub-section “The Medieval Reformation.” This is NOT the same thing as the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther. This particular “Reformation” occurs within the Roman church between the years 1050—1300. 1. During the period of the Medieval Reformation, the primary authority in the Western part of Europe belonged to the ___pope________ in Rome. 2. Whereas prior to this Reformation spiritual emphasis had been on the warrior kings of the biblical __old__ ______testament_______, now attention was turned to the __new___testiment___ and the suffering death of Jesus. 3. Personal Christian piety had been centered in what one did (eg. the sacraments); now piety turned inward to what Christian individuals ____felt_____ and thought. 4.
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