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Test 2 6-9 - Lecture #6 Two of Augustines Primary Teaches...

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Lecture #6 Two of Augustine’s Primary Teaches which Still Prevail Today In your Mullen and Kerr texts you read of Augustine’s youth, his addiction to sins of the flesh, his conversion, and his later writings on predestination. I have also added a few poignant quotations that bring to a head his thinking about these key doctrines. Augustine’s key theological teachings (1) Original sin humans = Since Adam’s Fall , humans are born not capable of not sinning = the infant is “tainted” with a sinful nature because he/she is born of sinful parents; sin is transmitted genetically through procreation Pelagius’s view (British monk, c, 400 AD; traveled to Rome where he encountered Augustine’s teachings) Everything good and everything evil, in respect of which we are either worthy of praise or of blame, is done by us, not born within us. We are not born in our full development, but with a capacity for good and evil Key questions: Predestination and the Inevitability of Sin Are humans pre-determined to sin because they are sinful by nature? or, Do humans sin because they simply choose to sin? stated another way
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Test 2 6-9 - Lecture #6 Two of Augustines Primary Teaches...

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