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HR test 1 notes - 07:06 What is social, human and...

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07:06 What is social, human and intellectual capital? Human knowledge skill ability that individuals posse that makes them unique Social benefits that you gain from your friends in your social network Intellectual human capital + social capital HR practices Tools a company uses to manage employees; carried out by all management staff Line manager—responsible for supervising/directing a group of employees to perform tasks HR Alignment Internal Alignment—practices within each HR activity are consistent with each other External Alignment—practices work in concert with one another as well as with external challenges companies face If properly managed it could lead to superior performance (competitive advantage) Competencies knowledge, skills, abilities, etc. that employees possess Selection choosing the best person for that pool Strategy Low lost leadership Offering the lowest costs for products and services ex. Walmart Differentiation Providing something unique for which customers are willing to pay Compensation and incentives Exerts strong influence on attitudes/ behaviors of employees Benefits, merit increase, healthcare, seniority, Ex. HR cost fix machines in the plan. NO not related to management of workers Employment laws State, federal, local fourth type executive order Protected classes: Race, Sex, Religion, Color, National origin, Age, disability, veteran status Ethical behavior Involves how companies behave toward their stakeholders
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HR test 1 notes - 07:06 What is social, human and...

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