HR test 2

HR test 2 - Recruiting - identify potential employees....

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Unformatted text preview: Recruiting - identify potential employees. Communicate job and organizational attributes Finding qualified individuals WORKING COMPETENCY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RECRUITING Training when to do it? Onboarding hiring and integration process used to acclimate new employees and ensure they have what they need to be successful Behavior level 3 of training evaluation, Performance should improve(transfer of learning should occur on the job) Knowledge knowledge training can be technical or practical Legal compliance ADA and sexual harassment ensures employees know what they can or cannot do from a legal stand point Mentoring long term relationship which involves senior employee teaching/nurturing a junior employee Coaching usually short term, performance improvement. Focuses on a skill/ability Horns/Halo effect positive or negative characteristic of a job candidate affects the other attributes- performance biases the rating given on individual criteria Reliability- how well a selection measure yields consistent results over time and raters. Inter-rater reliability raters use same questions and same scoring when evaluating interviewee Validity extent with which a selection method measures what it is supposed to measure (job-...
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HR test 2 - Recruiting - identify potential employees....

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