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englih essay # 2 food essay - Melek Elmali Professor...

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Melek Elmali Professor Frischkorn EGL 093 “America’s Industrial Food Supply: Problem and Solutions” Oct. 27, 2011 The idea of Mark Bittman’s article was to expose the reason why people are overweight is because they assume it is cheaper to fill up on junk food than preparing healthy meals at home. He illustrates the point that a selection of McDonald’s meal choices for a family of four will cost you $28, while a healthy meal cooked at home from canned beans, rice, green peppers, onion and finished off with bacon, can be had for just $9. Bittman notifies the problem of food-deserts : inner city areas where fast-food is lavish while healthy food options are not. Add to this the lack of time – another problem many suffer from. But the most significant observation Bittman points out is the cultural one. The author signifies that the fast food industry has formed a culture where fast food is handy, on every street corner, and where it has turn out to be socially acceptable to eat anytime and anyplace. His solution is to discover ways to make home cooking and eating popular again. This might be through limiting the number of fast food restaurants by zoning laws, or educating young people how to farm and cook. I definitely agree with Bittman’s article cooking should be part of our everyday lives. Cooking at home with whole foods with a mixture of colors and textures is healthier and creates a
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englih essay # 2 food essay - Melek Elmali Professor...

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