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MELEK ELMALI PROFESSOR FRISCHKORN EGL 93 “PAPER #1: DIGITAL DEVICES” SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 In the story of Susan Maushart’s, the experiment that she set on her children magically succeed in terms of improving her children being un-addicted to the world of technology. The experiment she imposed on her children enchased their personality and brought them back to the real life. Not being able to use internet or TV assisted the kids to recognize their foolishness of demanding to devote their time to it and helped them to become more conscious of their dreams, like playing the sax. Of course, being addicted to something require certain time to let go, therefore, Maushart applies harsher methods in her experiment proved to be practical when dealing with her daughter, Sussy. Maushart’s most effective step in the experiment was letting her children feel what it was like when no electricity was available and people used candles. This step in her experiment taught the kids to appreciate electricity and made them distance themselves from wasting time on the internet or the TV by unplugging her teenagers. Bill learned that using technology prevented him from discovering his passion towards music and the ban on technology was the trigger that set him sail on the road of music. The lesson Anni learned is that technology tends to make people forget what is important, like school work.
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Technology at home tends to make kids go off track and not discover the real passion a person has towards something more productive; however, the most important
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