2008 Ochem II Exam 2

2008 Ochem II Exam 2 - j Name: First,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...

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j Name: First, _________ Last, __________ _ General Instructions 1, Write your name on this page, Chemistry 3153 Exam 2 100 pts Wednesday, February 20, 2008 2, Check for a total of 10 pages (including this one and three at the end) 3, There should be 7 questions + 2 extra credit questions. 4, Sign the attendance sheet as it circulates. 5, Keep your exam flat on the desk in front of you, 6, The last sheet of the exam is blank and can be used as scratch paper. Show Your Work, Be Specific With Your Answers and Write Legibly Good Luck When the exam is returned, your exam score will be on page 2. ~eA-t>tU C(C.'t. .Jft~ "'e. "'" I ( Ct" l-./.\ I! ke"",,' /c-tf. .d J
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1. (10) Fill in the correct term for each of the following definitions. a) Name for the tallest peak in the mass spectrum b) 13C NMR experiment that gives positive and negative peaks in the spectrum c) Example of a blocking group used in syntheses involving electrophili c aromatic substitution d) The intermediate in an electrophilic aromatic reaction e) General term for the saturated carbon attached to a benzene ring 2. (10) Multiple Choice. Circle the one correct answer for each of the follow ing. ___ a) Compound that will give a mlz peak at 105. /7 71 7' f 0"'0\ B) ()!( / (Y0H (J ,\1.- n'" - IO~ ___ b) The most downfield carbon in the 13C NMR of the compound below t !
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2008 Ochem II Exam 2 - j Name: First,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...

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