2010 Ochem II Exam 1A

2010 Ochem II Exam 1A - Name Chemistry 3153 Exam l A 100...

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Name: General Instructions 1. Write your name on this page. Chemistry 3153 Exam lA, 100 pts Wednesday, February 10,2010 2. Check for a total of 10 pages (including this one and three at the end) 3. There should be 6 questions + 2 extra credit questions. 4. Sign the attendance sheet as it circulates. 5. Keep your exam flat on the desk in front of you. 6. The last sheet of the exam is blank and can be used as scratch paper. Show Your Work, Be Specific With Your Answers and Write Legibly Good Luck When the exam is returned, your exam score will be on page 2.
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@1 ~ 61- 1. (10) Fill in the correct term for each of the following definitions. a) Term for peaks derived from fragmentation of the parent ion in the mass spectrum b) General term for a UV absorption with an E < 1000 c) Type of absorptions found in the functional group region of the IR spectrum d) General term referring to the number of peaks in a IH NMR signal e) The number of 13C peaks observed for a monosubstituted aromatic ring 2. (10) Multiple Choice. ~ Number of un saturations in C17HlsFN303 A) 9 crow C) 12 I U =2(C) +2+: -Hal-H D) 20 ~ Compound with the expected longest '" absorption in the UV spectrum
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2010 Ochem II Exam 1A - Name Chemistry 3153 Exam l A 100...

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