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2010 Ochem II Exam 2A - Name Chemistry 3153 Exam 2A 100 pts...

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Name: General Instructions 1. Write your name on this page. Chemistry 3153 Exam 2A 100 pts Wednesday, March 3, 2010 2. Check for a total of 7 pages (including this one and one at the end) 3. There should be 5 questions + 2 extra credit questions. 4. Sign the attendance sheet as it circulates. 5. Keep your exam flat on the desk in front of you. 6. The last sheet of the exam is blank and can be used as' scratch paper. +. Show Your Work, Be Specific With Your Answers and Write Legibly Good Luck When the exam is returned, your exam score will be on page 2.
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@ ~.:'ON 1. (10) Fill in the correct term for each of the following definitions. ® a) Ion expected to be the base peak from fragmentation of a 1 0 alcohol (write structure) (J-lJ. -01-{ -1C.. b) Name for a -CHO group if it is a substituent c) Name of the electrophile in a Friedel-Crafts acylation d) Electron donation or withdrawal resulting through the a bond system e) Chemical reactant having a (-)-charged carbon adjacent to a ( + )-charged heteroatom 2. (10) Mark the letter answer (A, B, C or D) for each question in the blank to the left.
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