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AAS250.Midterm_FormB_Answers - AAS250 Midterm Examination...

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AAS250 Midterm Examination Last: _______________, First:__________ Form B Nov.2, 2009 SB ID#____________________________ Before you begin, make sure you have marked the Form that you have (A=0, B=1) under the heading ' Day ' of the 'Date of Birth' section of your Scantron sheet (left most column). Please fill out correctly; otherwise exam may be graded wrong! PART I: Multiple Choice . There is only one answer for each question ( 30 points ). (On your Scantron, fill in the appropriate choice (a=1, b=2, c=3, or d=4). 1 . A middlemen minority bridges two groups in an officially racially stratified society by distributing the products made by the ruling group to minority customers. This title is given to ______________ Americans: (240) a. Chinese b. Korean c. Filipino d. South Asian 2 . The U.S. passed laws which restricted immigration and naturalization of all “non-white” people in all of the following years, EXCEPT : a. 1790 b. 1924 c . 1965 d. 1882 3 . The Gentlemen’s Act of 1907 limited immigration of which group? a. Filipinos b. Asian Indians c. Japanese d. Russians 4 . Chinatowns were in part a response to a . institutional racism that denied jobs to the Chinese b. the Asian Exclusion Act, which prevented Chinese immigration c. the Chinese’s provincial tendencies d. the Depression 5 . Immigrants from the Philippines settled in all the following states in large numbers except in: a. California b. New York c. Hawaii d. Florida 6 . In the video on Chinese Americans, Iris Chang, the famous author talked about characteristics associated with the Chinese community ( one does not belong here ): a. Generosity b. Charity c. Lack of community service d. Family values 7 . Regional variation in language is interplay of all of the following factors, EXCEPT: a. patterns of regional settlement c. patterns of population movement b. intelligence of population d. role of physical geography 8 . Dialectal variation in American English is extensive, and is conditioned by several variables, e.g., the speaker’s membership in the following, EXCEPT : a. social status b. ethnicity c. religion d. age 9 . It is claimed that there are lots of cultural similarities between Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam. The similarities include all the following, EXCEPT : a. Chinese characters c. high Christian population b. Confucianism (Philosophy) d. Lunar calendar followed
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10 . Among the following, choose the relevant example of Code-Switching. a. In Greek, there are two varieties of the language, one for everyday speech and the other for formal and/or religious contexts. b. John Cho’s family came to the US, when he was two years old. He speaks mostly English at work, among friends, etc., but he talks to his family in Korean. c. Lucy Liu was born in Queens. She can still speak Chinese, but her vocabulary is very limited. She uses lots of English words, when she speaks Chinese. d. Svetlana and Zarippa are graduate students in mathematics both from Kazakhstan. They normally talk to each other in Kazakh, but when some mathematical issue comes up they naturally start talking in Russian.
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AAS250.Midterm_FormB_Answers - AAS250 Midterm Examination...

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