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Nom:____________________ Description physique Page 1 Partenaire A-- You and your partner are working on a data base for a dating service. You’d like to know more about some of the people below. After describing the person for whom you have no information but a picture, your partner provides you with the name, age and where the person is from. Based on the descriptions he/she gives, you fill in the blanks, then provide your partner with similar information for his files. Use avoir l’air to describe each person. (elle a l’air sympa/ malade….) A. Cette personne a l’air_______________________________________________. Il/Elle a _________________________________________________________. (hair and eye color, wears glasses, is bald, etc) B. Oui, il/elle_____________________________________________. (name) Elle/Il ________________________________________________. (age) Elle/Il vient de _______ __________________________________. (ville) _______________ Anne-Marie Lagrande _________________ _______________ 37 ans
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  • partner, __________________ __________________, La personne porte, Description physique Partenaire, l'air sympa/ malade

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physicaldescriptionpartner_activity - Nom Description...

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