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German (Lesson 1) Numbers - 1 hour (Yr 4/5) Learning outcomes: Recognise numbers 0-12 Begin to say numbers in German Understand different German sounds Teaching and learning activities: 15 mins: Introduce the subject—outline work to be carried out throughout the course. Use laminated number flashcards 0-12 (incl. written German). Hold up in order, call out number in German, children listen and repeat as a class. After each number ask class ‘Can anybody tell me how to say the number __ in German?’ to illicit individual responses. 15 mins: Complete Number Matching activity—children draw lines from number to correct German word (individual).
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Unformatted text preview: Use A3 copy on the board. Ask for volunteers to draw lines to correct number, to clarify correct answers. 5 mins: Complete German Vocab sheet for Numbers topic, by copying from sheet or from IWB. 10 mins: Hold up any flashcard (not in order) and ask what the number is in German. 10 mins: Form circle. Pass koosh ball to each child in sequence— say German number and continue in order round circle. If confidence is gained try backwards) Vocabulary: Die Zahlen null eins zwei drei vier fünf sechs sieben acht neun zehn elf zwölf Resources: Laminated number flashcards 0-12 Number Matching activity (inc. A3) Koosh balls Number vocab sheets (+A3 vocab)...
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