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German (Lesson 2) Numbers - 1 hour (Yr 4/5) Learning outcomes: Become more confident with numbers 0-12 Develop ability to say all numbers to 12 Teaching and learning activities: 15 mins: Review numbers to 12 using flashcards as in previous week. Use individual whiteboards/markers—1 per child. Call out a number (or sequence of numbers) in German. Children write down on their boards what they think is the correct answer. Children hold up boards to display their answers. 10 mins: Numbers—group matching. Children get into groups and arrange numbers into correct order. Use 5 Minute Timer on interactive whiteboard. Show correct 12 matched words/numbers on interactive whiteboard. 15 mins: Addition/subtraction sheets. Children write correct digit in box, answering the sum, and then write out the answer as a correct German word (see IWB). Use 5 Minute Timer if time is running out. 5 mins: How many are there? game on IWB—children identify how many objects are displayed on screen and write on the IWB the German
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