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German (Lesson 3) Greetings and Goodbyes - 1 hour (Y4/5) Learning outcomes: To identify greetings and goodbyes orally and in a written context Begin to gain confidence initiating conversation with peers/teacher, using greetings and respond appropriately to them Teaching and learning activities: 5 mins: Review numbers using number flashcards with no German text. Hold up a flashcard—ask children to identify the number in German. 10 mins: Introduce topic using German greeting/goodbye flashcards. Hold up greeting flashcards—children listen/repeat. Repeat several times for reinforcement. Say a greeting in German and ask the children to tell you in English what it is that you are saying. Repeat for goodbyes. Ask children to walk around the classroom saying hello and goodbye to as many different children as possible. 5 mins: Children get into a circle. Throw a Koosh ball to a child, saying a greeting/goodbye—the child echoes and throws back (ask child/ class what the greeting/goodbye was) - click fingers to try to
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