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german_lesson3_numbers - German(Lesson 3 Numbers 45 mins...

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German (Lesson 3) Numbers - 45 mins Learning outcomes: Become more confident with numbers 0-12 Develop ability to say all numbers to 12 Use numbers in a practical setting (addition and subtraction) Teaching and learning activities: 5 mins: Review numbers to 12 using flashcards as in previous week. Hold up—children listen and repeat. 10 mins: Show all 12 numbers in German on interactive whiteboard, in a random order (for spellings). Addition/subtraction sheets. Children write correct digit in box, answering the sum, and then write out the answer as a correct German word (see IWB). Use 5 Minute Timer if time is running out. 5 mins: Divide class into 2 even teams. Line each team up (one behind the other). Each child at the front of the line has a Koosh ball. Child at the front of the line says ‘null’ and then passes the ball back to the child behind in his/her team. That child will then continue the sequence all the way to ‘zwölf.’ If the sequence is completed, return to ‘null’ and continue. First team to get through
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