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German (Lesson 4) Colours - 1 hour (Y4/5) Learning outcomes: Understand and recognise colours in German Respond appropriately when asked the colour of an object Begin to write colours from memory Teaching and learning activities: 5 mins: Review greetings/goodbyes using flashcards. Whole class. Give out small English greeting/goodbye flashcards (3 per child). Call out a greeting/goodbye in German. Children with that card hold it up. 10 mins: Introduce topic using colour flashcards. Repeat several times for reinforcement. Hold up cards, ask what colour they are in German. 10 mins: Individual work. Children complete colour matching activity. Colour in boxes in the colour corresponding to the word to the right. Write out the word neatly to the right of the word 3 times.
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Unformatted text preview: 5 mins: Copy down vocabulary from IWB or A3 sheets onto vocab sheet. 5 mins: Children complete Flag colour sheet. 5 mins: Children get into a circle. Throw a Koosh ball to a child. Child who receives ball says aloud a colour of an item of clothing they are wearing. 10 mins: Children complete wordsearch3. Vocabulary: Hallo (Guten) Morgen (Guten) Tag (Guten) Abend (Gute) Nacht (Auf) Wiedersehen Tschüs rot blau grün gelb orange rosa braun grau weiß schwarz Resources: German greeting/goodbye flashcards Small English greeting/goodbye flashcards (enough for 3 each) Colour flashcards Colour Vocab sheets Wordsearch 3 Colour matching sheets A3 vocab sheets Flag colour sheet Koosh balls...
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