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German (Lesson 5) Consolidation/Group work - 1 hour (Y4/5) Learning outcomes: Consolidate understanding of all 3 topics covered Gain confidence using words in spoken and written context Learn to improve co-operation skills Teaching and learning activities: 15 mins: Review colours using flashcards—listen/repeat Children complete Flag colour sheet. 10 mins: Group work. Each group receives a set of A5 cards with a letter on each. Class told that each group’s set of letters contains a number, greeting/goodbye and colour word. Each group must rearrange the letters correctly to form 3 complete German words. Prizes for group first to finish and for best co-operating group. 10 mins: Circle games. Koosh balls—game for each topic covered so far. Numbers—throw ball to child in the circle, saying ‘null’ as you throw. Child continues sequence, throwing ball to anyone else in the circle. Start again from beginning when 12 is reached. Also use just odd or even, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Greetings/goodbyes—say any greeting as you throw the ball to a child. Child says a goodbye phrase and throws to another child who chooses a greeting phrase to say, i.e. alternating between greeting and goodbye each time. Colours—Throw the ball to each child. Person with the ball says the name of a colour of an item of clothing they are wearing. 5 mins: Use Big Red Calculator at Children sit at tables. Type in a sum on the calculator. Choose a child to give you the answer in English and German. Continue round the class until everyone has had a turn. 5 mins: Play online colour matching game at http://www.prescot-school. ListenColoursGER.html Vocabulary: All vocab from weeks 1-4: Numbers Greetings/goodbyes Colours Words of praise Resources: Colour flashcards Flag colour sheet Koosh balls IWB and online resources Sets of A5 cards x6 for group work...
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